Stairlift to rent Glasgow

Thank you for visiting Rapid Stairlift Compare – we"re here to find the best stairlift quote for you. We have a large network of installers around the country that supply all the major brands. Simply fill in the form below or call us on 07815535890 and we will be in touch shortly with your quote.


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Townhead, Merchant City, Calton, St Enochs, Sighthill, Port Dundas, Blythswood New Town, Garnethill, Dennistoun, Camlachie


What stairlift do you need?

Depending on your house and stairs, as well as the number of steps the lift has to climb there are a few different options available:

Straight stairlift: if you have a straight set of stairs then you have a great selection of models available to you from brands including Acorn and Dolphin. These are generally the most straight forward to install, and we will just need to review the number of stairs in your house and any customisation you would like.

Curved stairlift: if you need a curved stairlift w will find the best quote for you. We will take your specifications and ask our network of companies for their quotes. Once we have the best offer possible we will get in touch and arrange for an engineer to come to your house for an initial assessment.

Outdoor stairlift: if you have stairs outdoor leading into your house then a specialty lift will be needed. These are very similar to indoor lifts but have additional weather resistance and covers to protect the chair from the elements. Regardless of the type of stairs you have outside we will be able to find an engineer for the job.

Pool hoists: If you have a pool and need a hoist, we have several recommended models depending on your pool. Exercise in the water is a highly recommended way of rehabbing and developing muscle, and we are committed to finding the best hoist for your needs.

If you have any questions please do get in touch today!